Howrah Nursery

We recently left our buying group. Part of the reason was the high monthly fees we were paying for a group website that we did not consider good value for money and was designed in a complex way that you need to pay extra for them to make changes for you.

We were forced to look for someone we could trust to give our small business a product that told new customers who we were, what we offered and how to contact us with fantastic photo’s to make the customer delve past the first page.

We run a business as well as a busy young family, so we are time poor.

When it is not your area of interest or expertise you are relying on specialists to give you sound advice, but of course it pays to ask lots of questions and sound people out to make sure you are not being ripped off.

From the 3 quotes I received Simon impressed us by his ‘can do’ attitude.

We chose our colours, he sat down with us and got as much information about our business and actually visited our business and took a heap of photo’s and got a good feel of who we were and what we were looking for from our website.

What impressed me the most was there were no hidden extra costs, he was upfront, proactive, helped finalise our logo from a graphic design point of view, took photo’s as part of package (1 other was suggesting I go and employ a professional photographer).

He basically took the worry and headaches away from us.

We are delighted with the finished product and would recommend his services to any business.

He is honest, reliable and provides a quality product.

Carolyn Thompson (